2009 Indiana State University Tandem Bike Race


   Having missed the event for various reasons the past couple of years, I was going to be sure to clear my schedule for this last chance to see my son compete with the ATΩ squad.  I was not disappointed. What a great racing atmosphere! All that was missing was the prerace marching band, and the fly by (odd, it is a pilot school). The ceremony, the warm up laps, the flying start, drafting, pit strategy, rivalry. This event should be ranked up there with that "other" racing event in Indiana  that makes the front page.


practice  practice





Honor Guard  The team

warm up  warm up

Pace lap  race

race  race

race  race

race  race

race  race

race repair  final lap

pits pits  pits

pits  cheering the team on

group pic  Milk

kiss the bricks  ATO celebration


Sorry if I missed anybody. Thanks to race officials for giving me access.

And thanks to those who bought me drinks at the Bally




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