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Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

This area of Southern Indiana has always been home to me. Its kind of boring sometimes, but that in itself is some of the charm. I like High School basketball in the Winter, the county fairs in the Fall, the smell of fresh dirt in the Spring and in the Summer you can still set on the porch swing at night and almost hear the corn grow. If you happen to be from this part of the country, I truly hope you like this page, and I'll try to keep it updated with pictures. Please check back often.

Around the place

2009 Blue-Orange Game

2010 Blue-Orange Game

2011 Blue-Orange Game

2012 Blue-Orange Game

2013 Blue Orange Game

ISU Tandem Race

2009 Silver Creek Middle School Civil War Days

2010 Silver Creek Middle School Civil War Days

2010 SC FOOTBALL Scrimmage

SC vs Springs Valley Varsity football

SCMS vs Charlestown

Skydive Sept 3, 2011



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