On a perfect August night the Must See Racing winged sprints scorched the pavement at Salem Speedway. Brian Gerster set a new track record sub-14 second lap and Brian Olson earned the honor of adding his name to the Joe James/Pat O'Connor Memorial winner's list.

Kyle Hadley led flag to flag to win the Lucas Oil Great American Stocks 50 lap event.

And as always, the vintage race cars were on hand to supply a little eye candy for the fans.



Unofficial Results

53rd Annual


Salem Speedway, Salem, Indiana

August 11, 2012

Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series

Fast Qualifier: Brian Gerster, 13.957 (New Track Record)

First Heat Race (8-Laps): 1. Brian Gerster, 2. Brian Olson, 3. Jimmy McCune, 4. Aaron Pierce, 5. Mike Larrison

Second Heat Race (8-Laps): 1. Jason Cox, 2. Billy Wease, 3. AJ Russell, 4. Jason Blonde, 5. Jerry Caryer

Third Heat Race (8-Laps): 1. Jacob Wilson, 2. Todd Fayard, 3. Sondi Eden, 5. Jim Sheets

Joe James/Pat O’Connor Memorial (30-Laps): 1. Brian Olson, 2. Jason Blonde, 3. Brian Gester, 4. JoJo Helberg, 5. Jimmy McCune, 6. Jacob Wilson, 7. Aaron Pierce, 8. Mike Larrison, 9. AJ Russell, 10. Todd Fayard, 11. Jason Cox, 12. Sondi Eden, 13. Billy Wease, 14. Jim Sheets, 15. Jerry Caryer, 16. Jeff Bloom


Lucas Oil Great American Stocks

Fast Qualifier: David Baynes, 19.801

Lucas Oil 50: 1. Kyle Hadley, 2. Shawn Smith, 3. Bryan Bayer, 4. David Baynes, 5. Blake Hillard, 6. Mike Sharp, 7. Bubba Trinkle, 8. Roger Williams, 9. Shannon Beckham, 10. Donnie Woodard, 11. Gary Rogers, 12. Brian Moore, 13. Brent Gardiner, 14. Justin Pirtle, 15. Jerry Norris, 16. AJ Kempf, 17. Craig Rogers, 18. Todd Kempf, 19. Wally Kerst, 20. John Hayden