Yeah, Yeah, I'm still taking pictures. They just aren't getting posted up quite as quick.........and not all the events are getting the same attention they've gotten in the past. But I still love the racin' at Salem Speedway and still think the World of the competitors and folks there, just getting a little tied up in a few projects this year. Sorry for the delay.

  That being said, what a great show, in 5 divisions that took to the track. The KenTen Late models and the Baby Grand cars added to the Salem regular divisions of  the Portland Recycling FWD Stocks, the O’Reilly Auto Parts Pure Stocks and the Lucas Oil Great American Stocks. It was HOT, but everything moved along at a good pace (this made me happy) and each segment put on a good race for the fans.




Unofficial Results


Salem Speedway, Salem, Indiana

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ken-Ten Pro Late Model Series

Fast Qualifier: Chuck Barnes Jr., 17.344

Touchstone Energy 100: 1. Chris Harmon, 2. Blake Hillard, 3. Chuck Barnes Jr., 4. John Hayden, 5. Tony Conway, 6. Chad Willis, 7. Danny Smith, 8. Hunter Willis, 9. Mason Mingus, 10. Damon Ecoff, 11. Josh Brock, 12. Martin Belcher, 13. Josh Weston.

Lucas Oil Great American Stocks

Fast Qualifier: Chuck Barnes Sr., 17.19.764 (New Track Record)

So. Ind. Touchstone Energy Co-Operatives 100: 1. David Bayens, 2. Brian Bayer, 3. Chuck Barnes Jr., 4. Shawn Smith, 5. Chuck Barnes Sr., 6. Kyle Hadley, 7. Todd Kempf, 8. Ricky Heine, 9. Blake Hillard, 10. Roger Williams, 11. Justin Trinkle, 12. Gary Rogers, 13. Scott Caudell, 14. Mike Sharp, 15. Jerry Norris, 16. Chad Hall, 17. Justin Pritle, 18. Craig Rogers, 19. Donnie Woodard, 20. Brian Hopkins, 21. Brian Moore, 22. Mike Matheis, 23. Tony Conway, 24. Jeff Caudell, 25. Brent Gardiner, 26. Brian McDonald, 27. Danny Smith.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Pure Stocks

Touchstone Energy Together We Save 30: 1. Mike Kestler, 2. Artie B. Ware, 3. Eric Hester, 4. Travis Rogers, 5. Greg Smith, 6. Brandon Smith, 7. Ken Sumner, 8. Todd Whitfield, 9. Johnathon Moffatt, 10. Billy McDonal, 11. Justin Davis.

Portland Recycling Front Wheel Drive Stocks

Hoosier Energy 25: 1. Austin Baum, 2. Dallas Bowman, 3. J.T. Fout, 4. Bryan Grangier, 5. Nick Wilkerson, 6. Eddie Spears, 7. Alan Miller, 8. Brian Troxell, 9. Brian Ferguson, 10. Cody Baum, 11. Bill Growe, 12. Bill Grant, 13. Dave Sidebottom, 14. Tracy Nicholson.